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Convenient Repairs

Repairs will be completed at Sprint Repair Locations or via mail-in to a Sprint-authorized repair depot. In most cases, mail-in repairs are ready in 5 business days and in-store repairs are completed the same day. Please note that repairs are only available for select devices and certain types of damage.

Covered repairs are available for the following device protection customers:

  • Equipment Service and Repair Program (ESRP)

  • Total Equipment Protection (TEP)

  • Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus)

  • Total Equipment Protection Plus with Total Tech Expert (TEP Plus + TTE)


Service Contract Service Fee

If your device is malfunctioning (other than a cracked screen), the first two eligible claims are available at no additional cost for repair or replacement. After the second claim, you will be charged a $25 service fee for each subsequent repair or replacement.


Cracked Screen Service Fee

TEP Plus, TEP, and ESRP customers with certain devices may be eligible for an unlimited number of cracked screen repairs. Each cracked screen repair requires a service fee, depending upon the tier of your device. Please refer to the table below.

Deductibles and Service Fees

Device Tier

Tier 1

Tier 2
and 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

ESRP cracked screen replacement service fee $50 $100 $200 $250
ESRP cracked screen repair service fee $25 $50 $100 $125
ESRP service fee(other than cracked screens) The first two repairs/replacements in any consecutive 12-month period are covered at no cost to ESRP subscribers. There is a $25 service fee for three or more repairs/replacements in any consecutive 12-month period. Service fee applies to repairs/replacements for mechanical and electrical breakdown (malfunction) due to defects in material workmanship or normal wear and tear other than cracked screens.


No Device Protection?

For customers without a device protection plan, your device may also be eligible for repairs. However, without a device protection plan, you will be responsible for paying the full market rate for the repair.



For approved claims, a repair or replacement device will be provided at our discretion. For repairs, you will be required to visit or mail your device to an authorized repair center. Additional information on repairs will be available at, which includes a list of eligible devices, types of repairable damage, and available select repair locations. If you have an eligible device that is not repairable or a device that is ineligible for repair, you will receive a replacement device and be charged the replacement deductible. If you have a water resistant device, it may not be water resistant after repair.