Total Equipment Protection


Your wireless device is an important part of your life. Isn't it worth protecting? Sprint offers two protection plans to fit your needs.

Total Protection & Support

—Exclusive to Total Equipment Protection Plus and Total Tech Expert customers
— Repairs will be completed at our discretion in select locations for eligible devices and certain types of damages.
— There may be limitations on the size of each video that can be backed up and secured.

Total Equipment Protection Packages

Total Protection for your Device

Device Protection

Coverage for loss, theft, damage and malfunction, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on a new replacement device.

Repair and next - day replacement

Getting you reconnected is our priority.  If your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, receive a replacement device next day (in most cases). 

See shipping schedule.

Eligible repairs will be either in-store or mail-in, depending upon the type of damage and device. In most cases, mail-in repairs are ready within 5 business days and in-store repairs are completed the same day.

Find Sprint Repair Center.

Hassle Free

File a claim online 24/7.

Repair options for damaged devices will be available in select locations for eligible devices and certain types of damages. Click here for repair deductible details

Total Protection for your Content

Automatic Backup

Install the Sprint® Gallery app to back up your photos and videos automatically any time the app is running. No more need to plug into a computer.

Secure Storage

Includes storage encrypted with bank-level security for privacy.

Upload Speed

Lightning fast upload speeds that won’t leave you lagging.


Easily restore, view and share your backed up photos and videos within the app.

Expert Support*

Total Equipment Protection Plus

U.S.-based support

Tech Experts ensure your Sprint device works with your operating systems, apps, and electronics, and can answer any question you have.

One-Click access

Connect live or via click to chat within ten seconds with a touch of button.

One call solves it all

Even the hardest problems are resolved in one call, 99% of the time.

Smarter support

Get proactive notifications alerting you of your phone's performance.

—Total Equipment Protection Plus feature only for device tiers 3, 4 and 5

Extend Support to your Home

Total Tech Expert

Support for all Wi-fi connected devices

Support for everyone on your Sprint account and for all your account's wifi-connected devices including your tablets, laptops, home security, wireless routers, gaming systems, car bluetooth and more.

Extended backup for your entire account*

100GB of back-up for each Sprint phone on your account ensures your photos and videos are secure.

Monitor and manage your connected devices

Tech Expert - Extends your US-based support to provide a single source for help with all your account's wifi-connected devices. Even the most difficult issues are resolved 99% of the time.

—Total Tech Expert feature only