Device Protection

Q: Why Do I Need Total Equipment Protection?

You depend on your device to be productive and stay in touch with those you care about. Up to one out of three customers lose or damage their device in the first year and the manufacturer's warranty does not cover lost, stolen or damaged devices. Total Equipment Protection covers all of these incidents.

Q: When can I enroll in Total Equipment Protection?

Simply ask your Sprint sales representative or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666 within 30 days of the new activation or purchase of a new device. Customers currently enrolled in Total Equipment Protection may upgrade to Total Equipment Protection Plus at any time with an eligible device by calling 1-800-584-3666.

Q: Who do I contact to receive a replacement device?

For lost, stolen or damaged devices, you can file a claim online 24x7 at phoneclaim.com/sprint or you can contact Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666. Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday: 7am-11pm CST and Saturday & Sunday: 8am-9pm CST.

Q: How long do I have to report a claim?

You have up to 60 days after a loss occurs to file a claim.

Q: Is there a deductible charge or additional fee?

There is a $50, $100, $150 or $200 non-refundable deductible per approved insurance replacement (depending upon your device). Payment of the deductible is required upon approval of the claim.

For mechanical or electrical failure, routine maintenance or failure from normal wear and tear, you can obtain a covered repair or replacement by visiting a Sprint Phone Repair Center or by calling Asurion at 1-800-584-3666. Your first two repair/replacement transactions are included at no additional charge. A $25 service fee applies to each subsequent repair or exchange in any consecutive 12-month period. Visit sprint.com/storelocator for a location near you.

Q: Is there a way to check the status of my replacement?

Yes! 24x7 on the web at phoneclaim.com. You may also receive tracking information for your replacement device via an automated system by contacting Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666.

Q: Do I need to return my damaged device?

If your device is damaged or if your lost device is later found, please return the device to avoid any non-return fees which can up to $900 depending on your device. We will mail you everything you need to return your device.

Q: How do I return my damaged device?

A pre-paid USPS envelope will be included inside your package. Simply return the damaged device within 10 days using the envelope provided to avoid being charged for the non-returned device. You can place the package in your mail box or drop it off at your local post office. You may track the return of your device online at phoneclaim.com.

Please note that if the damaged device is not returned within 10 days of receipt of your replacement, a non-return fee may be applied to your Sprint invoice up to the full replacement value of your device.

Q: Will the replacement device be exactly the same as the original?

Every effort will be made to replace your device with the exact model. Replacement equipment may be new or a Sprint certified remanufactured device and/or a comparable model You will be notified in advance of the device being shipped.

Q: What if my replacement device is damaged or defective when I receive it?

Your replacement device comes with a 12-month limited warranty. If your replacement device is damaged upon receipt or malfunctioning, please visit a Sprint Phone Repair Center or call Asurion toll free at 1-800-584-3666.

Q: What devices are eligible to enroll in TEP Plus?

To enroll in TEP Plus, customers must have a higher-end device. To view a complete list of devices eligible for TEP Plus visit our website phoneclaim.com/sprint/deductible. The website schedule is updated regularly to include new models.

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Device Repair

Q: Who do I contact for repair?

You can start the repair process by filing a claim online 24x7 at phoneclaim.com/sprint or you can contact Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666. Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday 7am-11pm CST; Saturday and Sunday 8am-9pm CST.

Q: Who does the repair?

All work is performed by highly trained technicians at our Sprint Phone Repair Centers or at one of our authorized repair centers.

Q: How do I determine if my device is eligible for repair or replacement?

When you start your claim online, we will explain the next steps, which depend upon the type of device and the nature of the damage. Cracked screens on certain devices are generally eligible for repair, as long as the device still powers on and is otherwise operational with no additional damage. For approved claims, a repair or replacement device will be provided at our discretion.

Q: How long does a repair take?

In-store repairs are completed the same day in most cases. Mail-in repairs from an authorized repair center are generally returned within 5 days.

Q: Is there an additional fee for repair?

For cracked screen repairs, a service fee applies and varies, depending upon the tier of your device. There is no limit to the number of cracked screen repairs. See Repairs for details.

For mechanical or electrical breakdown other than cracked screens, your first two repair/exchange claims are included at no additional charge. After these first two claims, a $25 service fee applies for any future repair/exchange within a 12-month period.

Q: Can I get a repair without a device protection plan?

Yes. Depending upon the type of device and nature of damage, your device may be repairable at a Sprint Phone Repair Center. Without a device protection plan, you will be responsible for paying the full market rate for the repair.

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Sprint® Gallery App

What is the Sprint Gallery app?

The Sprint Gallery app gives you a quick and easy way to automatically backup and preserve all the photos and videos you love. It’s also a great way to free up more storage on your phone for apps, music and even more photos and videos. With some of the fastest upload speeds in the industry and ample storage space, too, Sprint Gallery puts your entire collection at your fingertips and ready to share whenever you want.

How do I get The Sprint Gallery App on my phone?

Complete your Total Equipment Protection (TEP) or TEP Plus service by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and registering it to fully protect your pictures and videos. Note: The Sprint Gallery App can only be used on compatible devices.

What devices are capable of using the Sprint Backup app?

Once enrolled in Total Equipment Protection (TEP) or TEP Plus, Sprint Gallery is available for all Android phones on software versions 4.0 and above and all iOS phones on 9.0 software versions and above.

How much storage does the Sprint Gallery app offer?
  • 5 GB storage comes free with the app download
  • Total Equipment Protection Plus customers receive 25 GB
  • Total Tech Expert customers receive 100 GB
How many photos/videos will 1 GB hold?

As a general rule, 1 GB can store up to 300 photos OR one 10-minute video. The exact number depends upon the size of each file.

How do I ensure my photos and videos are backed up?

Download and install the Sprint Gallery app. Once you complete the app setup, simply launch the app and it will automatically backup your photos and videos.

How do I tell if the pictures and videos are backed up or not?

If the picture or video is grayed-out, then it has not been backed up. Once the pictures shows full color, it is then secure in the Sprint Gallery cloud.

How do I backup the new photos and videos I add to my device?

Simply launch Sprint Gallery to initiate backup of any new content. Please note that backup only occurs when the Gallery app is running.

Will my photos and videos still be visible on my phone after I back them up?

Yes, backup does not remove your photos and videos from your device, it simply copies them to a secure location so you can retrieve them later should you ever need to. You can view all of your backed up images using the Gallery view of the app.

If I delete a photo or video from my device, will it stay in the Sprint Gallery cloud?

Yes, if you backed up the content before deleting it. You can restore it quickly and easily to your device at any time, too.

How do I restore my backed-up photos and videos to a new or the same device?

For a new device, simply download the Sprint Gallery app and register it using the same phone number and email you used to back up your content. To restore to the same device, launch the app and simply tap on the item you want to restore.

Can I share a photo or video directly from the app?

Yes, simply tap on the image in the app’s Gallery view and you will be offered a number of options for sharing (email, text, Facebook, etc).

How does the Sprint Gallery app help me increase my phone’s available storage?

When you use the app to back up your collection in the cloud, that content no longer takes up space on your phone-effectively increasing the available storage on your phone for more apps, music and even more photos and videos.

Tech Experts

Q: What are Tech Experts?

Conveniently speak with a live U.S.-based agent in seconds, all with one click. Unlike traditional support, you don't have to call multiple numbers, and won't have to wait or be bounced around to different people.

Q: How do I contact the Tech Expert group?

The Sprint Protect app gives you direct access to Tech Experts. Simply click on Support from your app's home screen, and then click Call Support. If you do not have the Sprint Protect app, and have Total Equipment Protection plus, you can also access Tech Experts by calling 1-800-584-3666.

Q: What do Tech Experts cover?

Tech Experts can help from basic questions like Email set-up, storing/ retrieving files, pairing a Bluetooth connection, to more advanced questions like connecting your home technology, third party app support and recommendations for your device

Q: What hours of operation can I reach a Tech Expert?

Monday through Friday from 6am – Midnight am CST and 8am – 10pm CST on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Tech Expert App

Q: How to start a Chat session with a Tech Expert?

To start chatting with a Tech Expert simply launch the Tech Expert chat and click the "Chat" button. You can ask the Tech Expert anything you want - how to setup your email or how to follow Oprah Winfrey on Instagram! In case Chat is not available, you'll receive the following message:

You can still use the "Call" feature to call the Tech Experts.

Q: Call Tech Expert (VOIP enabled)

To call our Tech Expert and get immediate assistance, simply launch the Tech Expert app and click "Call". You'll be automatically directed to the first available Tech Expert.

Q: Call Tech Expert (non-VOIP)

To call our Tech Experts and get immediate assistance, simply launch the Tech Expert app and click "Call". The phone's dialer will launch to call our Tech Experts for assistance.

Q: What's the "Others have asked" section? Can I view the answers to these questions?

For now, this section shows popular questions that our Tech Experts were asked by other people. Soon, you'll be able to view the answers to these questions offline at any time.

Q: How to disable App Notifications in iOS?

To disable notifications, please go to the iOS Settings page, scroll down and tap "Tech Expert" app, select "Notifications" then turn off the green "Allow Notifications" option. See screenshots below:

Q: How to disable App Notifications in android?

To disable notifications, please go to the phones Settings page, click "Apps" or "Application Manager", locate the Live Tech Expert App and untick the "Show notifications" option. See screenshots below:

Q: Supported devices - can I install the Tech Expert app on my device?

At this time, the Tech Expert app supports iOS 8+ and android version Android 4.4 (KitKat). Please note that you must have an active SIM installed in order to use the app.

Q: What happens when I get a new phone or a new number?

Simply install the Tech Expert app on your new phone and you're good to go.

Q: How to uninstall the Tech Expert app?

You can uninstall the Tech Expert app anytime just like you would any other app. To verify the app is installed go to the Google Play or iTunes App Store and check that you can install the application again (the button will say "install" and not "Open").

In android:
Go to Settings, Application Manager or Apps, Scroll down and locate the Tech Expert app. Select it and click "Uninstall".

In iOS:
Use Tap and Wiggle to uninstall Tech Expert: Tap and hold the Tech Expert app. Once the apps start to wiggle, tap the X to delete the application.

Q: What data will the Tech Expert app have access to?

The Tech Expert app only has access to technical stuff - like battery data, how much you are using our app, which apps are installed or have been uninstalled and the device's storage history (for example, 2GB of music and 350MB of photos, but no access to the actual photos or music files). This information helps us learn more about the device, so we can provide you personalized alerts and notifications specific to the device.

The app does not have access to any personal information, so you needn't worry about your personal info or files being transmitted over the internet.

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Total Tech Expert

Q: Why should I pay for Support?

Our highly skilled Tech Experts offer premier support which expands beyond basic troubleshooting. No long waits in store. No more manuals. Easy and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Q: Why choose Sprint's TTE over other services offered by different stores or brands?

Sprint's expert support is coming from the company you know and trust already, and it covers more than one type of product or one brand. It covers anything that is Wi-Fi connected in your household.

Q: How often can I call?

The $12 per account, per month, covers unlimited calls for everyone on the Sprint account.

Q: How long does a session last?

The session with a Tech Expert will last as long as needed.

Q: What kinds of calls do Total Tech Experts cover? (Could this be a scheduled session?)

Tech Experts offer support for any Wi-Fi connected device in your household. Connect to printers, organize photos, get more work done, learn new tricks.

Q: What kinds of devices?

Laptops, Phones, Tablets, SmartTVs, Smart security systems, AppleTVs, Rokus, Chromecasts, GoPro cameras, Bluetooth Speakers, Drones and more.

Q: For what reasons?

Get started, connect to devices, transfer content, migrate to a new OS, backup your stuff, discover new apps, and more.

Q: Can I call TTE without the Tech Expert app?

You can at 800-584-3666, but why would you if you have an Android or iOS device? Just tap the app to be connected in seconds.

Q: Does the Tech Expert app work on all devices?

Currently we only support Android and iOS devices.

Q: How does my account qualify for Total Tech Expert

It's easy, as long as one line on the account has Total Equipment Protection Plus the rest of the account can get expert support for just $12 a month.

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