Tech Expert & Sprint®Gallery Apps

Ready to get total protection and support for your device? Download and register the Sprint® Gallery app. Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) customers now have faster access to premium support with the Tech Expert app.

Tech Expert

Get fast access to Tech Expert support with the Tech Expert app. Available for TEP Plus, TEP Plus with AppleCare Services, and Total Tech Expert customers.

Step 1

Download Tech Expert

Step 2

Complete app set-up.
See FAQs

Step 3

Click to call or chat instantly with a Tech Expert.

Sprint®Gallery App

Protect the photos and videos on your device by installing the Sprint® Gallery app today.

Step 1

Download Sprint® Gallery

Step 2

Follow the steps to complete set-up of the app and enable all of the features. See FAQs

Step 3

When you need it, simply open the app and tap on the images you want to restore or share with others.

Total Tech Expert

Ensure everyone on your Sprint account downloads and sets up the Sprint® Gallery app on their Sprint mobile phones. This app enables 100GB of automatic backup of photos and videos.

For fastest access to Tech Expert support, be sure to download and set-up the Tech Expert app on all of your account’s Sprint mobile phones and tablets.

Sprint® Tech Expert is powered by Asurion. The Sprint® Tech Expert app can only be used on compatible devices. Technical limitations may prevent certain features from working on all devices.
Sprint® Gallery is powered by Asurion. The Sprint® Gallery app can only be used on compatible devices. All features may not be available for all phones — see for a list of all features.